galactic quality and taste

You’ve just touched down on the Moonchocolate site and our out-of-this-world chocolate project. Welcome. We are prepared to lead you on your voyage through the galactic world of chocolate. Please enjoy the ride and savor every moment in this wonderful place.

enjoy every mo(on)ment

Bean To Bar

  • When creating our chocolate, we use all natural ingredients. Processed chocolates are taboo for us. In fact, every single chocolate bean we use is handled by us personally as we carefully select our beans in 3 stages.
  • Our roasting method ensures that we squeeze every ounce of flavor from the bean. In addition to pure chocolate flavored beans, there are also other flavor tones present in cocoa beans, such as nut, wood, smoke, and sometines even banana, citrus, honey and many others. Discovering these cocoa properties is as much a challenge to us as exploring the far reaches of our universe.
  • We are travelling a most difficult and adventurous journey, and we take pride in the path we have chosen - Bean To Bar.


MoonMent18 Spaceship Crew

Zuzana (Zuzu) Mikovská

Creator of galactic tastes
To date, Zuzu is the team’s sole Choconaut. Thanks to her skills and laboratory, the rest of the team can deliver new tastes developed in our chocolate galaxy to the rest of the human race.

Michal (Michel) Kijonka

Supplier of galactic tastes
As insane as the speed of light! Full of ideas, energetically inexhaustible and communicatively unstoppable.

Radek (Radosch) Výtisk

Galactic navigator
Every galactic mission has its own android. Ours is named Radosch 9000 and he communicates mainly with zeros and ones.

Martin (Martian) F. Rusek

Our very own extraterrestrial
Very interesting life form with telepathic powers. A real alien!
Your praise is our rocket fuel
I would also like to join in and praise MoonChocolate. Today I tried dark chocolate made from Vietnamese beans and Moonrocks and will be ordering them regularly.
Andrea T.Ostrava, Czech
Delicious. Imaginative. Made from the heart. Real CHOCOLATE 🙂
Markéta J.Krmelín, Czech
Thank you so much for your excellent chocolates ! I was very surprised when I received them and I wish you the very best of success with your new business concept and strategy. Judging by the taste of the samples I have no doubt you will seduce many customers 🙂
Patrick B.Luxembourg
This chocolate is made from the heart and you can taste it… just try a piece and make an ordinary moment luxuriou...I personally know the amount of care that goes into this product and the distance each bean has travelled, as well as how much more delicious each chocolate bean is treasured… ...For me, this chocolate symbolizes the art of tasting the moment♡
Ivana M.Krmelín, Czech